These Are Just Some Of the Companies That We Work With

Partners in Business:

The BMAA looks after the interests of microlight pilots in the UK. You can become a member at any stage of your flying, students do receive a reduced rate, then you will receive their support, along with the monthly publication of MF and discounts such as a reduced rate’s on insurance, clothing, landing fees and much more.  We strongly recommend joining the BMAA
Microavionics are the leading manufacturer of intercoms and headsets for microlight aircraft.  They have an extensive range of products from integral helmets to headsets to strobe lighting.
Ozee have an extensive range of flying suits, thermal wear, flying boots and industrial clothing to keep you warm and comfortable when you fly.
Flylight is the global distributor/manufacturer of the Skyranger  brand of aircraft.  Including the Nynja, Swift, PeaBee, Dragonfly, etc.
Pooleys provide flying and navigation equipment for all flying disciplines and feature an extensive range of brands and products
Sywell Aerodrome is the local aerodrome serving the town of Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering and Rushden, as well as wider Northamptonshire. The aerodrome is located 5 nautical miles northeast of Northampton and was originally opened in 1928 on the edge of Sywell village
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Manufacturer of the best VFR flight planning navigation software in the world.